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"We teach what we practise, we practise what we teach."

Welcome to Therapist Training

Since 1993 this has been a combined venture by Dr Christopher (Chris) Lee and Graham Taylor. The workshops have previously been administered either by Chris, through his private practice Chris Lee & Associates, or by Graham, through his private practice Taylor McCombe Hof. From now on, administration will be through the separate business entity,
Therapist Training (ABN 18 557 189 396), but in practice, workshops will continue to be conducted by either Chris or Graham, or their invited presenters.

Chris Lee and Graham Taylor are both Registered Clinical Psychologists from Perth, Western Australia. They have conducted literally hundreds of trainings throughout Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Japan.

  • In 1993 they were the first therapists to bring Schema Focused Therapy training to Australia and New Zealand.
  • In 1996 they were the first therapists in the world outside of Shapiro's original teaching team to be granted Accredited Trainer status by the EMDR International Association.
  • Chris brought the first training in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder to Australia.
  • Graham organised the first Australian trainings in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and the first national workshop tour on Mindfulness as a Clinical Intervention.
  • Graham is listed as an ACT trainer on the official ACT website.
  • Both Chris and Graham are Accredited with the International Society of Schema Therapy as Trainers and Supervisors.
  • Graham is the the only person in the world who is an Accredited EMDR trainer, an Accredited Schema Therapy trainer, and an officially listed ACT trainer.
  • In 1999 Chris received an Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing International Association award for Research excellence
  • In 2006 Chris received an International Society of Traumatic Stress Study award for contribution to research into trauma
  • In 2009 Chris received the Inaugural European EMDRIA Francine Shapiro award for research excellence in trauma
  • In 2011 Chris received an award for outstanding contribution to research by EMDRIA.
  • In 2010, Chris was awarded a $100,000 rotary grant to investigate effective treatments for borderline personality disorder. This study is part of an international multi-site randomised control trial (RCT). At this stage it appears that when all the international sites pool their data, it will be the largest RCT of a psychotherapy ever undertaken.
  • Chris currently is a member of the Federal Minister for Health expert reference group to advise on policy and service delivery for borderline personality disorder. He has a member of the Australian Centre for Post Traumatic Mental Health committee that is updating evidence based practice guidelines for PTSD.
  • Our research publications are widely cited. The modal number of citations of a peer review publication is ZERO. As at April 2012 our 2002 EMDR outcome study has been cited 140 times, our 1999 paper on Schema theory has 144 citations, and our 2006 paper showing EMDR is not an exposure therapy has had 34 citations. We continue to conduct an active research program.
  • We both continue to work in private practice: Graham is full time, Chris is half time. For the other half he is Director of the Clinical Psychology program at Murdoch University, Perth.
  • Our trainings have small numbers, there is an emphasis on experiential learning where you actively participate. You will not be attending an extended lecture style of "workshop".

For more details about their private practices, see the following website:
Dr Chris Lee, and Taylor McCombe Hof For brief biographies, Click here.


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