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EMDR Part 2



Part Two (Advanced)

"We teach what we practise, we practise what we teach."

"EMDRAA affirms that the content and presentation of this training meets the curriculum requirements published by EMDRIA."

Page last updated 9 May 2015. Refresh your browser window to ensure you get the latest information.

Pre-requisite Experience: Please note that Part 2 participants need to have completed Part One (Introductory) training AND had some supervised experience with 6 clients or 10 sessions, or thereabouts. If in doubt, contact Graham Taylor, who conducts all the Part Two workshops.
All workshops run 9.00 - 5.00. Numbers are limited. Fee $650 up to 4 weeks before workshop, $750 thereafter.

Sydney Friday 29 / Saturday 30 May 2015. Student Union, Uni NSW, Kensington. Click Here to Register.
Melbourne Sunday 31 May, Monday 1 June 2015. Treacy Centre, 126 The Avenue, Parkville. Click Here to Register.

Click Here for Pre-workshop Material

Part Two training includes: -

  • Pre-workshop preparation. See below. This will require approximately 6 hours to complete.
  • Specialised assessments for clients with generalised long term problems (eg, Personality Disorder, Borderline).
  • Specialised protocols for addictions, personality disorder.
  • Integrating EMDR with cognitive, behavioural and experiential therapy approaches.
  • Building and integrating client resources for those who lack them.
  • Client preparation for emotionally vulnerable clients. (based on Marsha Linehan's Borderline PD material).
  • Cognitive Interweave, a more therapist-active variant of EMDR when processing becomes stuck.
  • Research update detailing all recent published papers on EMDR.
  • A detailed workshop manual, with all assessment and treatment protocols.

Supervised practicum
Trainer: Graham Taylor is a trainer accredited by the EMDR Australia Association.

This workshop is presented by Graham Taylor and has been completely re-designed for 2011. If you completed your Part One training with trainers other than Chris Lee / Graham Taylor, contact Graham for additional material which is not included in other EMDR Part One trainings. Many recent papers have been added to the EMDR Part One page. Before attending the Part Two Workshop you should be familiar with all of this material. Graham Taylor began using EMDR shortly after the 1989 publications appeared, and has now treated over 2000 clients with EMDR. He trained with Dr Shapiro, and has helped the EMDR Institute train clinicians in EMDR throughout Australia since 1992. His recent workshops offered throughout Australia and Asia include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Working With Difficult Clients (Personality Disorders). He has, with Dr Chris Lee, published applied research on the assessment of personality disorder in Cognitive Research and Therapy and process mechanisms in EMDR.

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